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    I'm Tarnya Bennett, I am a Civil Marriage Celebrant based on the beautiful Gold Coast . . . I Do What I Love and Love What I Do!

    "ABIA Australian Awards "FInalist" 2014 "I Do For You!"

    It was truly an honour to once again be nominated in the ABIA awards for Celebrant of the year 2014. To come in as RUNNER UP is an achievement I am so proud of . . . you have to receive a 99% score just to be nominated! Thanks to all my beautiful couples who took the time and voted for me.
    It is such a joy to be a part of so many couples special “day of love.” Every day I wake up I know in my heart that this is what I am meant to be doing. The passion I have as a Celebrant never wains and I will continue to strive to make each and every wedding personal and unique. To witness so many beautiful unions of love come together, is a wonderful magic that stays with me forever! Here’s to another year of making beautiful memories . . . This is my life . . . it’s what I Do . . . and I love it! Tarn xxxxxxx

    I Do For You ABIA Finalist 2014
    I Do For You ABIA Finalist 2013

    Voted Most Popular and Loved Celebrant

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2014 Update

Well……I did say that I was going to “blog” a bit more and that really was my intention…but I got a tad busy in “Loveland “…!!!….and considering I started this blog in December of 2013…..and it’s now nearly Easter 2014 …time has once again run away from me !!!

2013 was a huge year…I did get “knocked off my feet’ for a while literally! ….when I had a foot reconstruction at the end of May…..for someone that is used to being busy…boy oh boy, that stopped me in my tracks !! lol

I remember the surgeon saying….”you will not be doing anything for at least 3 to 6 months  !!!!!!!!!!

I just replied….”we will see…you don’t really know me !”   lol

7 weeks later there I was back doing my 1st wedding post op…in   moon boot and crutches!…. I perched myself up on a stool and back in the saddle……after all it was only my foot that was broken …not my head …( Ok! Ok! ..some of you may question that …lol)

The year of 2013 has come to an end and I now reflect on what a fantastic year it has been….87 weddings later and my spirit and soul feel more enriched and blessed by each and every one of them.

I love the fact that they have all been unique each in their own special way…they should be…you are all to me unique as a couples you are !!

There have been so many perfect scenarios I have had the pleasure of being a part of …From the small elopements under a beautiful big fig tree …intimate gatherings at sunrise on the beach …or wonderful sunsets from the peak of a mountain …. horse drawn Cinderella carriages to amazing African cultures and colourful dancing and singing to welcome the bride…it has truly been a year of…WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!

The places I have been and the things I have seen makes me wish I could invent a magic love dust that I could sprinkle over everybody….people thank me for doing their wedding….but it really should be the other way around….you have allowed me into your special world and given me the gift of creating what works for you…..so hey, I’m the lucky one !! J….Yes this is what I do for my living, and it pays my bills and keeps a roof over my head and food on the table…but it’s not about the money….its about  having the opportunity to do what is my passion….and that, I will always be so thankful for and never take for granted.

Here we are now in March 2014 and clearly, already, it’s going to be just as big as 2013….in fact bigger than last year…..my most busy year to date….with National and international travel happening for ceremonies, I can’t believe how amazing my journey as a Celebrant is………..and what’s more the bookings are coming in hard and fast for 2015….and now my books have been opened for 2016 as well…yep that’s right 2016…3 bookings so far…..Brides of today are just Uber organized !!

I look forward to each and every one of your beautiful weddings that lie ahead of me….and I thank you, with all my heart, to all of the beautiful couples who’s weddings I have had the pleasure of officiating over,  thank you for all your wonderful expressions of love……

Have a fabulous 2014 everyone….and don’t stop feeling the love !! J  <3 <3 <3  Tarn xx

  2014 Update

Melissa MuirMarch 18, 2014 - 9:24 pm

Cant wait for you to marry Matt & I in September. I just know having you as our celebrant is going to make the whole experience an unforgetable one.
We feel very lucky to have found such a fabulous, beautiful soul such as yourself to be apart of our special day (the most important part).

GarnautAugust 31, 2014 - 3:22 am

From all your admirers both near and far who witnessed your dedication as a young lady. Big Al made an appearance, perfect timing. The rest is history. Much Love Julee & Whanau (Blue)

The 2nd Half Of 2013..Oh What a Year So Far !!

I cant believe that it was March that I did my last blog…my gosh we are now into July and 2013 is just flying by, next thing we know the big man in the red suit singing Ho Ho Ho will be on our doorstep !! ( I know I know…I can hear you all saying …stop !!!)
The first half of 2013 was just wonderful with all the gorgeous Weddings that I blessed to officiate….thankyou to all my beautiful couples for choosing me to of been a part of your special day. Such special memories that remain locked in my heart and mind forever.
It was once again an honour and privilege to be nominated as a finalist in the ABIA awards. Something that I am very proud of !

On 31st May I underwent a foot reconstruction and let me tell you …it was not pleasant ! Its now 6 or so weeks post op and I did my first Wedding back last Saturday and it felt soooooooooo good to be back to doing what I love !!!
In the time I have been laid up, it has given me a lot of time to reflect on things… and how I can improve my services as a Wedding Celebrant, and what I have to offer to all my couples …so I have come up with some great new ideas and I look forward to sharing them with you. In fact I am super excited about it !!!!
This year has proven to be a busy one indeed and next year is looking to be the same….every time I receive a new enquiry it feels like the very first time. I never loose that feeling of excitement and I know I never will….I ask myself this question every time.. “What can I do to make this Wedding personal and Unique”?? and I never get tired of trying to find the magical ingredient to make it perfect and personal for them !

I am so looking forward to sharing in many more wonderful memories for the remainder of 2013…to all my future Brides and Grooms for this year, please remember to enjoy the journey to your special day… I will see all your gorgeous faces at the other end of the Aisle.
If you have wedding bells on your mind for 2015 please feel free to contact me as I am now taking bookings !!!
Wishing everybody for the remainder of the year great health and happiness…..I hope life treats you well
This is my life….Its what I do…And I love It….
Much Love
Tarn x

nickialme The 2nd Half Of 2013..Oh What a Year So Far !!

Welcome to the Wedding Month of March 2013….busy busy !!

Love is most definitely in the air for the Month of March !!

I have 11 weddings booked for this month and I cant wait ….Poor Angela and Cliff had a very rainy day on Friday 1st March for their Wedding,  but being the gorgeous person that Angela is…she just smiled and didn’t complain once..and yes its true that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck…then wow Angela and Cliff you have a lot of luck coming your way !!!  lol

Then bright and early on Saturday 2nd we were headed up North to Rainbow Beach for the Wedding of Chris and Melina…the sun did eventually shine through and a great day had by all… The photographer for Chris and Melina’s wedding was Carol-Anne, from www.carolanneleigh.com. After the huge day we had we  stayed in Gympie for the night….tired and exhausted but feeling great from  being a part of such a beautiful day…Thanks Chris and Melina , wishing you both a lifetime of love and Happiness….you too Angela and Cliff !!

I am loving the fact that I am getting more enquiries asking if I travel…I absolutely do !!  and of course I have to factor that in with the price …but I am not a greedy person so I will always do my best to make it as cost effective as I can…

My big tip for this Month is please please please…”Always Have A Wet Weather Plan”. We have had so much rain here in the great South East its always safer to have that back up plan, not only for you but for your guests . Weddings can be stressful enough as it is…. the last thing you need is added stress on the day…”Prevention is better than Cure”

Looking forward to  Erin and Cam, Laura and Heath, Craig and Christine,Kelsie and Justin ,Liz and Dylan, Peter and Skye, Renee and Wayne…and a couple more but they are a secret (ssshhh)….all saying “I Do!!

Have a great month everyone!!!  icon wink Welcome to the Wedding Month of March 2013....busy busy !!

Tarn  xx


Donna WillisApril 11, 2013 - 3:21 pm

Hi Tarnya,

What a beautiful website. So good to see you doing well beautiful girl. I found your business card in my draw and decided to check out your sight.
I am starting up a new business myself who did your website it looks great.
By the way it’s Donna Rhodes we ran into each other in Robina and you gave me your card.

Regards Donna

Welcome – My first official blog!

Welcome to my first official blog!

What an amazing and busy weekend and the glorious weather on the beautiful Gold Coast certainly turned on a treat

It was Such a delight to marry 2 beautiful couples Katie and Phil, Rob and Cassie . . . wishing you all the very best that life can bring . . .  each of your ceremonies was individual and personal and unique . . .  as they should be! Thanks to all of you for allowing me to be a part of the Journey to becoming Husband and Wife.

I also had the pleasure of meeting with another 6 beautiful couples and their families this week planning their Wedding Days . . . when it’s all about love . . . it’s been a great week!

This weekend I’m looking forward to the beautiful weddings of Nicole and James and Belinda and Jay.

What a popular day the 12/12/12 is for weddings, 4 weddings that day for me, what a gorgeous day that will be and I look forward to marrying them all. It is all about love!

Tarn’s Tip

When choosing your Celebrant for your Wedding Day, always make sure that you feel 100% comfortable and in good hands! Ask as many questions as you like and remember, no question is too silly!

I hope you all have a fabulous week and look forward to giving all the helpful tips and hints I can along the way, in helping you create the Wedding Day of your Dreams

I Do what I Love…and LOVE what I Do!

Warm Regards,

Tarnya Bennett ©©


Ph: 0439764405


A.B.I.A. Announces 2012 Australian Award Finalists – Tarnya Bennett’s – “I Do For You!”

ABIA Web Finalist MarriageCelebrant12 A.B.I.A. Announces 2012 Australian Award Finalists   Tarnya Bennetts     I Do For You!


Wow! What an honour. I would like to thank the ABIA for such a prestigious acknowledgement. First and fore-mostly, I would like to thank all of my gorgeous Bride’s and Grooms who chose me to marry them. You are all so much apart of my life and this award is the acknowledgement of my truly doing what I love and loving what I do. Thank you to all of you. I’m so honoured; so happy.

ABIA Logo A.B.I.A. Announces 2012 Australian Award Finalists   Tarnya Bennetts     I Do For You!


14th Queensland Bridal Industry Awards Press Release 1024x330 A.B.I.A. Announces 2012 Australian Award Finalists   Tarnya Bennetts     I Do For You!

Hi Tarnya,

A BIG congratulation on your achievement at the 2012 Queensland Annual Bridal Industry Awards. Please find below a Press Release for you to publish in your Social Media, Website + Marketing and Promotional mediums.

If you would like a break down of your ABIA rating, please contact john@abia.com.au.

Reaching the pinnacle of one’s profession is a goal which every business aspires to achieve. Designing Dreams is also a pursuit which every wedding business strives to deliver to their brides. On Tuesday the 10th of July 2012 one of Queensland’s foremost wedding suppliers, I Do … For You ! was recognised for their consistent achievement of Designing the Dream of a brides perfect day by being announced as the Finalist of the 2012 prestigious ABIA award.

The Australian bridal market is one of the most demanding of industries as it requires wedding suppliers a once off opportunity to deliver excellence the first time, every time; there are no second chances. Repeating this outcome bride after bride is a daunting task for which thousands of wedding suppliers strive to achieve. It is all the more daunting when the entity who determines this outcome are newlyweds who have been through the process of selecting and engaging wedding suppliers who have demonstrated their ability to design the ingredients which culminate in the delivery of the perfect day. I Do … For You! is one such company who has consistently delivered these dreams to their brides.

Since 1997 the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) has been conducting performance appraisals of businesses engaged in the supply of wedding products & services. Over 37,000 wedding business have been through the ABIA performance appraisal.

The Chairman of ABIA Mr John O’ Meara said that I Do … For You! should be extremely proud of being honoured by Australia’s peak industry body as one of Queensland’s Top wedding suppliers, especially when one considers the level of passion and commitment required to consistently excel in the design of products and services which culminate in the delivery of the brides perfect day.

ABIA Head Office

P: 07 5571 5550 F: 07 5571 5337
info@abia.com.au | www.abia.com.au